Peel away graffiti damage in seconds and keep your reputation unharmed.

Graffitigard 4PLUS custom multi-layer film soution is the first line of defense in uncertain times

Graffitigard 4PLUS is your first line of defense

Four layers of public transportation grade, peel-clean protection in one application. Protect your public spaces and most importantly your company image with Saint-Gobain anti-vandalism film. Graffitigard 4PLUS is the ideal solution for glass and other smooth, non-porous surfaces.

The 4-layer tear-off advantages of Graffitigard 4PLUS:


Protects surfaces from damage

Protects from scratches, acid etching and permanent markers


Pre-Cut & tabbed. Easy to install or remove

Tailor made to the surface you want to protect. 4-layer tear-offs provide a far more efficient and effective alternative than single-layer anti-graffiti film.


Reduces product and installation budget

Avoid loss of profits and reinstallation by keeping your vehicle in circulation 4 times longer


Undetectable, optically clear polyester

Graffitigard 4PLUS comes second to none in optical clarity


Fully integrated production process

Our process is controlled and integrated all the way from roll to roll coating and laminating to finished pieces

Refresh Surfaces in Seconds

Durable, optically clear, proven solution to quickly and cost-effectively eradicate vandalism with a single application, layer after layer.

The most common application of Graffitigard 4PLUS is on glass, however it can also be installed on mirrors and stainless steel.

The most common application of Graffitigard 4PLUS is on glass, however it can also be installed on mirrors and stainless steel.

Pre-Cut and tabbed, easy to install and remove

Graffitigard 4PLUS is available in pre-cut shapes, completely tailored to the dimensions of the surface you want to protect. Don’t worry about taking measurements. We will send specialists out to take dimensions that will be scanned in, or you just provide us with your current design.

Each piece comes with a unique tab design, allowing your staff or one of our specialists to peel away one of the damaged layers, layer after layer.

Additional benefits of Graffitigard 4PLUS


Rigorously Tested & Compliant

Graffitigard 4PLUS has been rigorously tested and complies with the following 3rd party testing requirements, standards & regulations:

You Decide Installation Options

You Decide Installation Options

You may have your own team install and remove the Graffitigard 4PLUS or you may wish to subcontract this work to any of our approved installers, anywhere around the country. Or you may wish to have your maintenance crew to be trained by our specialists.


Additional Uses in Public Transport

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Produced by Saint-Gobain, a global leader in glass & graffiti protection

Saint-Gobain is a group with more than 350 years of experience in glass manufacturing, including Sekurit glazing found in public transport vehicles and cars around the world. Saint-Gobain is the world’s only major manufacturer of both glass and film.

Save time & money on maintenance tasks. Get in touch today!

We’re confident that Grafitigard 4PLUS 4-layer tear off film will reduce downtime and labor costs for maintenance resulting in increased profitability for your company.

  • Restore the original appearance
  • Save money and time
  • Protect your surfaces