Healthcare and Biosensors

At Saint-Gobain Custom Films we take great pride in working with some of the world’s most innovative healthcare companies on the development of advanced thin film solutions. Our dedicated team of Scientists, Research and Process Engineers has been providing healthcare customers with tailored solutions that meet their design and budget goals, as well as the industry’s demanding quality and accuracy requirements.


Biosensor Electrodes & Components

We’re a long-term supplier of sputtered electrode films and high precision dielectric spacers used for blood glucose test strips. With our wide-web vacuum coating equipment, we can precisely sputter a variety of metals like gold, palladium or silver on different substrates like PET. Both, sputtering and slitting are done in a clean room environment minimizing the risk of contamination.

For our PreciseAU™ Biosensor Films we apply our latest breakthrough vacuum coating technology that allows us to achieve the same film surface resistivity levels while using a smaller amount of metals during the sputtering process. This provides our customers with significant cost savings and reduces their exposure to volatile precious metal prices.

Healthcare Core Competencies

Vacuum Coating Capabilities

  • Roll-to-roll wide-web sputtering.
  • Wide variety of sputtering coating materials (metals like gold and palladium, alloys and oxides).
  • PET substrates up to 77” wide and between 0.5 mil and 14 mil thick.
  • Optimized healthcare sputtering technology that decreases the amount of precious metals needed.

Coating & Laminating Capabilities

  • In house developed adhesives for dielectric spacers
  • High precision coating thickness control
  • In-house coating formulation lab and expertise.

Other Healthcare Competencies

  • Fast prototyping capabilities supported by a dedicated team of experts.
  • Clean room manufacturing and slitting capabilities.
  • Special packaging solutions.

Download: Healthcare Capabilities Info Sheet

Other ways Saint-Gobain serves the Diabetes Care Market

Saint-Gobain works with key diabetic care OEMs providing precision molded seals, pump tubing, other fluid management components and sputtered films for diabetes test strips to help patients around the world manage their diabetes. We understand the need for an agile component supplier for your pumps, monitoring devices and diabetes test strips that helps our customers keep pace with this demanding and evolving market.

Two-Shot Molding

Saint-Gobain was a pioneer in silicone-thermoplastic molding when we launched the capability over a decade ago. Today, we continue to push the boundaries with regards to part dimension, material selection, and final product size. Saint-Gobain’s Applications Engineering team will work with our customers’ design engineers to ensure design for manufacturability and scale-up is considered as well as ensuring your product’s critical needs and requirements are met. Read our Two-Shot Silicone-Thermoplastic Medical Molding White Paper.



Miniaturized silicone components serve a distinct need in diabetes care devices; from small gaskets and valves to soft touch comfort for wearables.  Our material and process experts can develop a functional prototype quickly with our in-house tool room expediting the transition from design and development to commercialization.  Learn about our Micromolding capabilities.

Precision Seals and Material Solutions

Portable insulin delivery units work by utilizing a small pump that delivers precise doses of insulin throughout the day. Omniseal Solutions™ provides some of the smallest seals available on the market for miniature pumps and motors. These wearable pumps need to be sealed effectively to avoid failure in the system due to moisture intrusion.

Our technical team has developed a variety of custom Omniseal®, Rulon® and Meldin® seals and materials ideal for this application. Of critical importance in this application are low friction and long life as the solutions will ideally last the life of the unit as well as run dry and be chemically inert.

We offer solutions in PTFE and UHMWPE blends that provide superior break out friction. Additionally, our engineers are experts in custom designing solutions with FDA Compliant or USP Class VI material options. Learn more about our Seals products and applications.

Precision Pump Tubing

Insulin dispensing is a delicate infusion that requires very precise dispensing.  Saint-Gobain offers a broad range of formulations in a variety of materials such as silicone, PVC, TPV and custom compounded formulas for unique chemistries and applications.  Our unparalleled knowledge of peristaltic pumps can be leveraged by your engineering team to help with the material selection process to ensure optimum performance of your insulin pump device.  Read our white paper on the Flow Rate Stability of Medical Peristaltic Pump Tubing Materials.