Surface Protection

Microbial Protection

Every day we come into contact with millions of invisible microorganisms, including bacteria, mold and fungi. These microbes can have negative effects on products, including odors, staining and material degradation that can lead to early product failure. Solar Gard® 4 Mil AM films are the ideal solution for a large variety of glass and composite surfaces. Instantly protect high-frequency touch points with a single installation, examples include:

  • Retail display cases and surfaces
  • Walls and partitions
  • Countertops
  • Mass Transit
  • Entryways
  • Monitor and devices screens
  • Other high frequency touch-points

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Graffiti/Vandalism Protection

Windows and other glass surfaces in public spaces are common targets of graffiti vandals, often leaving irreparable damage behind. Glass replacement or repair options are usually costly and time consuming. Our innovative Graffitigard 4PLUS film now lets you restore vandalized surfaces within seconds. Thanks to four layers of peel-clean protection and a smart tab-design, this optically clear anti-vandalism film has become a cost-effective vandalism protection solution for the public sector and transportation market.

Based on the dimensions of the surface you need to protect, we provide Graffitigard 4PLUS in pre-cut shapes for easy installation by your staff or one of our installation specialists.